Question: Is It Better To Stay In Ooty Or Coonoor?

Is Ooty toy train running now?

The Nilgiri train timetable currently says that the train leaves at 07:10 hours and reaches Ooty by 12:00 hours, and the return journey from Ooty starts at about 14:00 hrs and reaches Mettupalayam by about 17:35 hrs….Ooty Toy Train Timings.DayTimingSundayFirst Train 7:10 am to 12:00 pm more trains…6 more rows.

Is kotagiri better than Ooty?

Kotagiri, is the hilly retreat which is one amongst the three major hill stations located in the Nilgiris. Well if you agree, then you might want to have a look at Kotagiri, which is much more peaceful, quieter and more beautiful than Ooty. …

What should I buy in Coonoor?

Best Things To Buy In CoonoorTea. Coonoor is truly a delightful place for tea lovers and you can check out several varieties of tea here such as ginger tea, chocolate tea, lemon tea, and many more. … Chocolates. Another popular thing to buy in Coonoor is its local chocolates. … Gourmet Cheese.

What is the climate in Coonoor?

The Coonoor lies on 1752m above sea level The climate is warm and temperate in Coonoor. … According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cfb. In Coonoor, the average annual temperature is 17.0 °C | 62.6 °F. The rainfall here is around 1335 mm | 52.6 inch per year.

Which is better to stay Ooty or Coonoor?

Ooty or Coonoor? Basically depends on your priorities. If a serene, plantation experience, with a lot of nature, birding and a few wildlife here and there is your priority, then Coonoor is your best bet.

What is the cost of land in Ooty?

Plots For Sale in OotyPropertyAsking Price (EMI)Residential Plot (9,148 sq ft)47,25,000 (EMI: 36,273)Residential Plot (7,839 sq ft)73,84,000* (EMI: 56,685)Residential Plot (9,657 sq ft)50,00,000* (EMI: 38,384)Residential Plot (6,000 sq ft)39,00,000* (EMI: 29,939)7 more rows

How many days should I spend in Ooty?

Ooty can be covered easily in 1 to 2 days. Check out the 1 day Itinerary to help you plan your trip in a better way. If you wish to extend your stay than there is also an another 2 days itinerary. To know more about Ooty and major tourist attractions, check out it’s travel guide.

Which is the best location to stay in Ooty?

Ooty Hotels and Places to StaySterling Ooty Fern Hill. Ooty, The Nilgiris District.Sterling Ooty Elk Hill. Ooty, The Nilgiris District.Hotel Lakeview. Ooty, The Nilgiris District.Sinclairs Retreat Ooty. Ooty, The Nilgiris District.Delightz Inn. … Club Mahindra Derby Green. … Meadows Residency. … Savoy – IHCL SeleQtions, Ooty.More items…

How far is Coonoor from Ooty?

21KMA. The Distance between Ooty to Coonoor by road is 21KM. The aerial distance from Ooty to Coonoor is 13KM.

How is life in Ooty?

Ooty people are very hospitable and friendly by nature. They are always ready to help a soul in need. Very soft spoken and down to earth they are sure to be among the most friendly lot that you will come across in your travels.

What is special in Coonoor?

Nestled in the Nilgiris, Coonoor is an exquisite hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Famous for its production of Nilgiri Tea, it holds the honorary mention of being the second largest hill station in the region.

Is Coonoor and Ooty same?

Ooty and Coonoor are indeed two beautiful yet different places situated less than 20 kilometers from each other. … Ooty is the head town of the Nilgiris district and also is the major tourist attraction of the district.

Is coonoor worth visiting?

Is Coonoor worth visiting? A. Coonoor’s panoramic views and lush green landscapes definitely makes it worth a visit.

Is it good to settle in Ooty?

Even thou Ooty is a great place to cool down and have a good trip for the entire family, Now a days people love to settle down in ooty. The reasons are endless. Weather, The Culture, The Traditions, The People, The Convents, Schools, Agriculture, Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables, Pollution free. Green.