There is No Sign of Relief from the Flu Outbreak in Georgia

According to the recent reports of the health authorities, the condition of Georgia is terrible due to the flu outbreak that is on a constant rise. It is another significant outbreak right after a moderate one in the 2018-19 cycle. In spite of the condition, health experts are assuring that it is still too early to declare 2019-20 a terrible year. It is because Georgia is still going through the early stages of influenza that can be controlled by using proper vaccines and drugs. The different part is in spite of the assurance from doctors, and the records are coming up with different statistics altogether. It seems that the numbers were the highest this November in comparison with the two previous years.

The Department of Public Health of Georgia published a report stating that at least 4-6% of patients who visited the doctor for consecutive two weeks was a case of influenza. The figures for the newest surveillance reports are forcing people to speculate the most dangerous situation in the upcoming days. The activity of disease is on the rise over several weeks now. There have been at least 100 influenza-related cases in Atlanta. However, no reports of any death have come out as of now. Other states affected by the virus outbreak include Puerto Rico, Alabama, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

Other than the USA, Australia is also going through a similar state. The doctors and experts in Australia are also guessing that there will be a rise in flu numbers soon. H3N2 is the primary virus causing the entire situation. It causes illness much riskier than any other infection, and especially in older adults. Experts in public health have assured people that it is not necessary than a flu outbreak in Australia means one in the US too. Virus outbreaks vary from one place to another. Even within one country, the statistics will differ state wise.